Zipping Through Canada

Coast Mountains as seen from the Cassiar Highway

For one of the few times on our trip, we were on a tight schedule.  It was early August, and we had just made a deal to sell our house.  We had to travel from Alaska down through Canada to Seattle in just 10 days, so that Theresa could catch a plane back to Kentucky to close on the sale of our house and move our possessions into storage. 

To avoid storing the RV and boarding the dogs, and to save money, we decided that I wouldn’t return to Kentucky with Theresa.  We expected that Theresa would have to call, text and email me frequently to discuss the move and closing, so it was important that Theresa fly out from somewhere in the USA, since phone and Internet prices are outrageous in Canada.  We could’ve stayed in Alaska, but we had been there for well over a month, and that would’ve been a much longer and more expensive flight for Theresa, so we decided that Seattle was best.

There weren’t quite as many parks to visit on our route from Alaska to Seattle through western British Columbia, as there were on our route north through the Canadian Rockies.  But we realized we’d still have to bypass a bunch of neat parks to make our schedule. 

We calculated that just the driving itself would take 5 days at top speed.  For the most part, the Canadian highways on which we’d be driving were two-lane twisty roads through the mountains.  So we expected we could drive at most 350 miles per day, and that turned out to be correct.  Our plan was to drive for 5 consecutive days down to southern British Columbia, stopping briefly or spending the night in some of the smaller parks, then spend the balance of our time in one large park, which we chose to be Garibaldi Provincial Park.

To be honest, we didn’t like the rush, and we didn’t like being on a schedule.  For most of our trip, we’ve made no reservations and no plans.  We’d wake up, check the weather, see how we felt for the day, then decide whether we’re going to stay and hike in our current location or move on to the next wonderful place. 

But we made the best of this hurried time through Canada, and still managed to enjoy some relaxing hikes and see some beautiful places.  Please check out our photo tour from when we zipped through western Canada:

Stewart-Cassiar Highway
Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park
Sea-to-Sky Highway
Nairn Falls Provincial Park
Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

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