Wolves Howling at Northern Lights Wolf Centre

The Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre near Golden, British Columbia, is home to nine wolves that have never been in the wild and serve as “ambassadors for their wild cousins.”  The Centre’s mission is to “promote wolf and bear conservation throughout the natural environment.”  Theresa and I spent a few hours at the center in May 2012.  This was the first time either of us had seen a wolf up close.

Just a few days earlier, while dispersed camping outside Kootenay National Park, we were delighted to hear a wolf howling in the forest very close nearby.  It was a long, morose howl that lasted over 20 minutes. 

We asked one of the experts at the Wolf Centre about the howling.  The woman asked us to repeat what we heard.  She listened thoughtfully to our imitation wolf howl.  Then she told us we probably heard a “grandma wolf” who remained home in the den with the wolf pups while the parents were out hunting.

Perhaps the wolves were responding to our howl, or maybe it was just a coincidence, but the wolves at the Centre started howling themselves.  It was such an amazing sound that it brought tears to our eyes.

YouTube Preview Image
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