Wetlands in Texas?

Brazos Bend State Park in Texas is nothing like we expected.  Instead of flat pastures of brown prairie grass fenced in with cattle grazing, we’re in a marshy forest with wetlands and alligators.  Here’s our RV parked under a Spanish moss covered oak.

Shady spot to rest and relax

Brazos Bend boasts more than 300 adult alligators in the freshwater marshes that make up the majority of this 5,000 acre park.

Alligators lounging on the bank

The baby alligators are actually cute.  The female makes a mud bowl, lays from 20 to 70 eggs and covers it with grass.  Then, she guards it from raccoons and skunks, like only an alligator can.

Baby alligators practicing how to hold very still

Clearly, anything that gets near an alligator is a potential dinner.  Timm and Shadow sit away from the shoreline, observing alligators from a safe distance.

Timm and Shadow stay away from alligators

Alligators will eat about anything, including these ducks and water fowl.  Birds can fly away from alligators.  Alligators have extremely quick reflexes, very sharp teeth and underwater stealth.  That’s the balance of nature that keeps everything in check.

American coots and an egret

The marshland stretches for miles, prime habitat for birds and alligators alike.

Marshy wetlands

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