“We’re rooting for you.”

As Timm posted just a few minutes ago, we may have found our replacement RV.  We are heading back out to likely make a purchase this morning.  I was thinking back over the days since the accident and the events we went through to get to this point of being ready to purchase a new RV.  The days went like this.

Monday – The accident happened at 4:12 p.m. PT.  We were at the accident scene for 6 hours and interviewed extensively by the California Highway Patrol and then a second time by the CHP Multidisciplinary Accident Investigative Team.  We didn’t get to a hotel until about 11 p.m.

  Six hours later and the accident scene is still not cleaned up

Tuesday – We spent the day at the hospital to x-ray Timm’s ribs.  We were interviewed a 3rd time by the CHP.  We talked and both agreed neither of us wanted to go home. We started to research RV’s on the web. We worked with our insurance agent.

Wednesday – We moved hotels closer to our RV, located a self storage facility and then spent the day cleaning out the RV of our belongings.  Tough day.  We were interviewed a 4th time by the CHP.  We did some more research of RV’s on the web. We worked with our insurance agent.

Thursday – We went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park and tried to think about the options and clear our heads. At the Ryan Campground trail head, we noticed some smaller RVs parked in a small, quiet campground.  That got us thinking and was a turning point for us.  That night, we also explored an option of doing cabins and abandoning the RV trip idea but we realized it’s not feasible due to having the dogs, needing a kitchen and needing to be close to the parks and it’s pretty expensive.

Timm hiking Joshua Tree National Park to clear his head

Friday – We went RV shopping East of where we’re staying. We talked to the insurance agent adjuster who had just left our destroyed RV.  He said it looks like a “banana” and that in his opinion, it’s totaled.

"How about a little travel trailer?"

Saturday – We went RV shopping West of our hotel.  Using what we’d seen the day before, we started to refine our search.  We arrived home and did analysis on the costs and value of each option.

Sunday (today) – We’re heading back out to hopefully, buy the Prism.

Darby already thinks this is her RV

Monday – Tuesday (projected) – The RV shop will put the required features on it so that we can do the basics, like tow our car.

Wednesday (projected) – We hope to be back on the road and camping in Ryan Campground.

By combining our strengths, we’re moving forward and in a good direction.  Timm has thought hard about how to improve and upgrade.  Just like any good technologist, he doesn’t run out and buy the same model when the old one breaks.  He tries to get the upgraded version.  In this case, it’s the upgraded version of our trip, learning from the first month of what worked and what could be better.  One of my strengths is that I’m action and results oriented so I drive us to move forward.  I tend to be the one to get the insurance guy working on OUR timing, negotiate our purchases and unstick us when we need to make decisions.  These individual strengths have always made us an effective team, enabling us to make good decisions and execute effectively.

That isn’t to say it’s been easy.  Lots of stress on top of expensive decisions and embroiled with insurance and police. Having the support of our friends and family has really helped.  Today, our friend Stefan said on the phone “We’re rooting for you to get back on the road.”  So many of you have given us encouragement and support and we appreciate and read with tears in our eyes (OK, I have tears in my eyes) your comments and the love you send.

Theresa sitting in the Prism, contemplating makint it our home

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