We’re Happy Campers Watching the Super Bowl

Shadow and Darby snooze while Theresa watches the Super Bowl

As I mentioned in my last post, we haven’t watched any TV yet due to being busy and not getting a good signal.  But today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I haven’t missed a Super Bowl since I started watching football at age 4.  Fortunately, Theresa booked us in an RV park with cable TV. 

We went out in the afternoon and bought a bunch of Super Bowl food (i.e., everything that’s bad for you: sliders, cheese sticks, drumsticks and beer).  We also checked out the local sports bar just in case something went wrong with our TV signal (it worked great).

Then we laid on the narrow RV couch to watch the game on the 24” tube TV mounted above the dashboard.  It wasn’t quite the same as a 50” high-def flat screen with a DVR that can pause and rewind the action.  But there is also a quaint excitement to watching the game in real time.  It was nice snuggling so close to Theresa, but it would be a tight fit for a four-hour game.  That’s when it hit me: isn’t this couch a roll-out bed?

It was a great game with an exciting finish, the food was yummy and deliciously fattening, and the doggies slept through most of it, as shown in the photo above.  Even though life on the road is a different experience, I was able to enjoy my 44th consecutive Super Bowl in comfort.

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