We May Have a Winner

Our RV hunt in the San Bernardino area yesterday was quite fruitful.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, upper 70s and a light breeze… perfect day for RV shopping.  We felt stuck for a few days, and part of the problem was we were trying to find a twin for the RV we just lost.  Once we opened our minds to other possibilities, different types of RVs, newer models, etc., the potential candidates started to appear.

So many choices it makes our head spin

The first RV we really liked is basically the new 2012 version of our 2006 Hurricane, but with many nice improvements.  The biggest change they made over the past 6 years (besides the flat screen TV and electronic gadgetry) is maximizing the interior space.  Even though the model we found was only a foot or two longer than our old 31-foot RV, it seemed like they added a whole extra room to the RV.  But after careful consideration, Theresa and I both felt it was too much RV for us, and since we have this opportunity to reboot, we’re looking to downsize.

The second option we explored is a 20-foot travel trailer.  It has all the necessary amenities, a surprising amount of space, and the huge advantage of being 1/3 the price of a comparable motor home (which makes sense because a trailer doesn’t have an engine, drive train, etc.)  The downsides are we would need to buy a bigger SUV to pull it, a trailer requires much more setup and breakdown time and effort at the campsites, and it doesn’t have a lot of water and storage capacity necessary to boondock in the national parks and forests.

Coachmen Prism: Maybe our new RV?

So one was too big, the other was too small, and we may have found one that’s just right: the 25-foot Class C Coachmen Prism.  It’s about 2/3 the size and weight of the Hurricane and is rated to provide over double the gas mileage.  It’s also a new 2012 model that’s very nice with all the cool modern features.  We spent a couple hours in it yesterday, going over every detail with a fine-tooth comb, because after a month on the road we know exactly what we want.  We also spent a few hours last night researching it on the Web, and it looks like a winner.  We’re heading over to test drive it today, and if all goes well, we may be on the road again in just a few days.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Shadow seems to like it, as he quickly found his favorite spot under the table:

Shadow votes yes!

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