We Have Wonderful Family and Friends

When things go terribly wrong in your life, that’s when you discover the quality and strength of the relationships you have made over the years.  This past week has been a stressful and challenging time for us, but our family and friends have lifted our spirits with encouragement and positive advice.  Thank you all for the wonderful things you have written to us:

I guess “size does matter” – there are certainly benefits to driving the biggest car on the road.

Thank God that you are all alright and the police officer too.  It is very disappointing for you I’m sure, but for all of us who are rooting you on, it is disappointing for us too.  Our prayers are with you.  I guess that you will either find another RV or come home, regroup, and start again when possible.  God bless.

Hopefully, you will hole up in a hotel for a few days, buy a new RV, restock it, and continue on your way – no worse for the wear.  Please don’t give up on your trip and your dream!!  Look at it this way, now you won’t have to pay for your new batteries and getting your windshield fixed!!  [Unfortunately, we did this work the day of the accident, all for naught.]

I am sure that everyone that is living vicariously through your trip (as I am) and feeling sorrow for you.  Surely, we did not feel the extreme joys that you have had so far, and we likely do not feel the depth of the frustration that you feel now.  Our vicarious experience is less than your extremes but please know that all of your friends are disappointed for you.

Buy the RV, pull it up to the storage locker, throw your stuff in, drive to the hotel, throw your stuff in and GO!  Don’t pack – just go.  Don’t look back!  Drive for a solid day.

The same spirit in you both that allowed you to take on this adventure will get you through this difficult time.

Just read the story.  Heartbreaking, tough, but I think very good things are ahead this week!

I am happy for you that you are getting this little bump behind you. It will be part of a great story in 10 years.

Try to remember to be gentle on yourself.  You are mending.  Yet at the same time everything is so very raw.

2 hours earlier you might have been hit by the Old Man the CHP officer was chasing.

I’m sure you have heard the expression “only but for seconds & inches.” But thinking that way will make you crazy…lol.  And I do definitely agree the Universe has a sense of humor, therefore we should too!  Take care.  In the end it will all work out.  And who knows we may all laugh about this in years to come.

It’s OK to honor the feelings that will come as you’re processing what happened.  Love you and continue to pray your continued journey will bring all you dreamed about.

There are no mistakes in God’s world.  I try to look for the good in every situation.  I try to stay positive & find the lesson.  I need to realize that I am powerless over the situation & release it.

Tis the universe telling you both to slow down and have gratitude for what you do have.  Processing through that and validating everything you went through is part of that journey.  What you envisioned at a once in a lifetime adventure and what you need along that journey might be two different things.  I am oh so grateful that you both are physically well (and the doggies too)!

The only advice I’m going to give you is “go take a hike!” before you make any decisions.  Seriously, for a little while get away from everything, go someplace beautiful, relax your bodies, laugh, cry, and clear all the noise going on in your heads right now.

I know this is a huge setback for you guys, but everything happens for a reason.  Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with where you are stuck and that will become your new home…lol.  Of course my son thought the story was cool, only an 8 year old boy…hahaha (he did ask if you guys were ok too).

Don’t give up on your dream.  This will just be another story at the end of your trip.  You definitely need a campfire and s’mores.

I am so glad you are both ok.  I hope that you are able to replace your RV soon and continue on your journey.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both as well as the officer that hit you.

Mend soon and well – hope you can be off on your adventure again with no further incidents (of this magnitude anyway…)  Saying a prayer for you – blessings!

Sorry that the RV is hors de combat (love that phrase).  Philosophically…every journey has its side trips, some pleasant, some challenging and some…well reflective.  In a strange way, the accident puts an exclamation mark on the purpose of the trip.

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