The Adventure Begins and So Does the Learning

Our adventure begins! And oh, what a day it was, filled with mishaps but in the end, we arrived safe and sound.

First, the best part. Climbing into bed at the end of the day in our RV with Timmy wrapped around me. His warmth and the flannel sheets and a down comforter were relaxing at the end of a rather difficult first day.  Darby and Shadow too, snuggled together asleep.  But leading up to this point was challenging.

Darby and Shadow - Copyright © Timm Martin

I got up at 6 a.m. to do the final packing to leave for a year, plus doing all the work needed to stage the house to be sold while we’re not there. Timm and I are a good team, naturally gravitating to what we each do well. We got everything done and left at about 11:30 a.m.

We drove all day in the pouring rain to Graceland in Memphis. It took us 11 hours to go about 480 miles as we took our time and tried to be safe, this being our first day out in our 31 foot RV and towing the Rav4. It’s challenging driving, taking full concentration to keep the RV between the lines, especially as semi-trucks pass and cause the RV to be sucked first towards the semi, then away as the tail wind kicks in. Timm says it’s like driving a very wide, wet noodle. But we made it to Memphis without any major mishaps.

When we got to the Graceland RV park, we were tired but glad to have arrived. We needed to de-winterize the RV, which means removing the antifreeze and filling the tank with fresh water. Unfortunately, we found that we’d let antifreeze into the hot water tank, which is not supposed to happen. Turns out, there are 3, not 2 shut off valves to the hot water tank. Who knew? We didn’t. When we drained the hot water tank of cold water, the water shot out and blew the plug right off, shooting it somewhere into the dark. The blast scared Darby, who proceeded to run full speed into the dark as well. One lost dog, one lost hot water tank plug. We, of course, started working to find the scared little dog. In my mind, I thought the worst, “Oh no, first day out and we lose our dog.” 15 frantic minutes later, we found her not far from our campsite. 45 minutes of looking with flashlights on the ground, we found the hot water plug.

That was enough. We went to bed tired, yet safe with our family intact, 2 adults, 2 dogs and no injuries. Safe and sound. We all went to sleep and slept hard. The next morning, we woke up, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful warm day of 55 degrees. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest and a bright, sunny morning to set things right.

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