Thank Goodness for Starbucks

Theresa showing off our camping spot in Banff National Park

Just checking our email and the weather, we’ve already blown through $25 worth of Internet in just 5 days in Canada.  So we were happy to find a Starbucks with free wi-fi.  We’ve been experiencing price shock ever since we arrived.  The latest was discovering that laundry costs $4 per washer load and 25 cents per 3 minutes of dryer time.  Laundry usually costs about $10 per week in the USA, but will now cost $50 per week.  Ouch!  Looks like we’ll be rewearing some clothes.  We knew that Canada and Alaska would be expensive but it’s still a shock when we see the bill.

But the views are incredible!  The photo above shows our camping spot in Banff National Park.  This wins the prize for best views in a public campground so far on our trip.

I’ve made good use of the free bandwidth at Starbucks to upload photos from our recent parks:

Theodore Roosevelt (South) National Park
Theodore Roosevelt (North) National Park
Makoshika State Park
Waterton Lakes National Park

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