Sunrise at Grand Isle

Grand Isle State Park is the only inhabited barrier island in Louisiana. It is also the location of the only pier in Louisiana that reaches into the Gulf of Mexico. The pier is 900 feet long, as shown in this picture I took at sunrise.

Grand Isle Pier at Sunrise - Copyright © Theresa Martin

Most of Grand Isle is saltwater marshes which support an abundant variety of flora and fauna. The marsh grasses and black mangroves provide habitat for osprey, herring and terns.

Grand Isle Birds - Copyright © Timm Martin

The hiking trails are really nice, passing along marshy lakes and through tall grass.  The ranger told us there are 2 packs of coyotes on the island.  The coyotes swam across a channel from a nearby island.  They’re doing well due to the abundant rabbit population and keeping it in check.  We didn’t see the coyotes ourselves, which is probably good!  The four legged creatures below are Shadow and Darby, of course!

Shadow and Darby hiking at Grand Isle © Copyright Timm Martin

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