Special Thanks

We’d like to acknowledge and say thanks to a few special people who have really helped us on our trip:

David & Lauren Hoctor – Theresa’s brother David and his wife Lauren have graciously lent us a corner of their basement to store our all our electronic equipment and other goodies.  We also left our important papers with them, just in case something bad happened to the RV.  What are the odds of that, right?  Good thing, because when our RV was broadsided, a bunch of papers went flying out the door and into the nearby field.  We were able to recover some papers, but many were lost.  Thankfully, all the really important papers are with David & Lauren.  David was able to find our RV title and overnight it to us, so we could have it notarized and sent to the insurance company to receive our settlement.

Lisa Martin – All of our snail mail is being forwarded to my sister Lisa, who each week opens our mail and reads its contents to us over the phone.  Then every few weeks she bundles up the important mail and ships it to us wherever we may happen to be at that time.  She also receives and deposits any checks that come, such as our insurance payout.  It’s a huge relief to know that someone so responsible and trustworthy as Lisa is handling this very important task for us.

Quentin Campbell – Our neighbor Quentin is keeping a watchful eye over our house while we are gone.  He was also nice enough to receive the five boxes and queen-size mattress we shipped home after we downsized to a smaller RV.

Glen Rountree – Another neighbor Glen is keeping a watchful eye over our Little Wolf Nature Preserve while we are gone.

Stefan & Stani Kyntchev – Our good friends Stefan & Stani threw a really fun going-away party for us and our close friends and family.  And Stani made my favorite yummy ribs for dinner!

Our great family and friends

We’d also like to thank a few people who have shown a lot of interest in our trip, following us closely, asking questions and leaving comments on our blogs, in Facebook and/or email.  In alphabetical order: Jolynne Bundy, Sissy Cook, Cari Covey, Julia Gorrell, Catherine Hoctor, David & Lauren Hoctor, Jim & Pat Hoctor, Stefan & Stani Kyntchev, Hazel Martin, Laura Martin, Lisa Martin, Tony Martin, Carla Nicholson, Tim Perez, Mark Plettner, Sean O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Smith, Paul Sweetman, and Heather Wilfong.

Thanks to all of you for helping us make our special adventure even more special!

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