The Mattress Matters

Timm’s very good friend Sean O’Shaughnessey, RV’d with his father when he was a boy and has great memories of the experience.  He sent us a list of blog topics related to RV living and camp life. As an avid blogger and writer of several blogs such as The Confident Investor, Sean’s suggestions are very insightful.

One question Sean asked is “I remember the beds in the motor home to be horrendous – are yours good? Did you upgrade?  After a long hike do you wake up the next morning with a back ache due to a terrible bed?”

Great question, Sean.  Luckily, we predicted and solved for this problem prior to starting our trip.  Our RV came with the standard 2 inch thin queen size mattress.  We slept on it during our 2 Big Bone Lick State Park trial runs. My arms kept falling asleep and it was so thin that it was cold underneath our bodies. We repaced it with the queen size mattress we had on an extra bed in the house.  We also brought a set of cold weather and warm weather bedding.  The cold weather bedding consists of flannel sheets and a down comforter.  Very cozy for those cold desert nights.  The warm weather bedding is regular sheets and a light comforter.

The bedroom has windows on 3 sides, a sunlight and ceiling fan.

While planning this trip, we literally made 1,000s of decisions.  Some things we predicted and planned for perfectly.  Other things… not as well.  The nice mattress was one of the right decisions. It’s the small things that add or detract from the experience. 

Climbing into bed next to Timm after a nice hike on the trail is my favorite moment of each day.  Waking up in our bed next to him ready to start another wonderful day is my second most favorite moment. 

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