RV for Sale!

This morning, we put our RV for sale in RVTrader (click on the link to see the ad).  We spent the last 2 days cleaning and scrubbing to get it looking “like-new” so we could take pictures and have it ready to show to potential buyers. 

RV in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

We’ll try to sell the RV ourselves in the next several weeks.  In this time, I’m also working to determine my next career move and starting the job search process.  As with most of our trip, we’re fortunate because we have a great deal of flexibility with our plans.  If the RV does not sell quickly, we can continue to live in it in warm, sunny Florida while I continue the job search process from here.  Or, we can turn the RV over to a consignment dealer to sell, put our belongings in a U-Haul and drive up to Kentucky where we will live in our mobile home at Little Wolf.  Financially, it’s about the same cost to live in the RV in Florida as it is to live in our mobile home at Little Wolf in Kentucky.  So, the timing of the sale of the RV and progress on the job search will be factors in determining our next move.

It’s bitter sweet, preparing our RV for sale.  It’s time to move forward and we’re both truly ready to return to more normal living. Yet, as I was looking through our pictures for outside shots of the RV to use in the ad, I saw picture after picture of the RV parked in pristine wilderness, surrounded by mountains, deserts, waterfalls and canyons.  Most of the pictures showed me or Timm with wide smiles of bliss.  I intend to find continued joy as we make our way through this next phase of life.  But we’ll always have this trip, this adventure of a lifetime.  It was all that we could have ever dreamed it could be and more.

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