Our New RV!

Exactly one week after the accident, we have purchased our new RV!  It’s a 2012 Coachmen Freelander 23CB Class-C RV.  It’s 1/4 shorter than our destroyed Class-A Hurricane, and 1/3 lighter.  But it has the same Ford V-10 6.8L engine as our Hurricane, therefore it’s much more peppy, which we confirmed during the test drive.  It also drives much easier, more like a U-Haul truck than a large bus, doesn’t bounce around the road so much, and tracks corners much better. 

Our new RV!

We ended up not buying the Prism because it was too expensive and upscale for our modest needs, and frankly the salesman was a bit too nutty for us.  Interestingly, the interior of the Freelander is very similar to the Prism, since they are both manufactured by Coachmen.  The only major feature that we really wanted but is missing from our new RV is an oven, but it may not be a big deal since so many foods are microwaveable these days.  We’ll also look into how much it will cost to replace the microwave with a convection oven.

We take delivery tomorrow, but the dealer will need to do additional work such as installing the lube switch for our towed vehicle, so we may not be able to hit the road until Wednesday.  We’ll post additional photos once we drive it away and make it our new home.  Our first stop will be the Ryan campground in Joshua Tree National Park, where we were heading when the CHP rudely interrupted our trip.

Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement.  This has been a stressful and challenging week for the two of us, but we are very excited to resume our adventure.

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