Our Little Travel Companions

Our dogs Darby and Shadow have become excellent travel companions.

Darby giving me the look that she wants to be petted

In the beginning of our trip, Darby was a nervous traveler and would get especially jittery whenever our RV would cross a cattle grate or rumble strip on the road.  But over time she settled down, and now she’s quite calm on travel days.  Darby always sits or lays down on the floor between the driver and passenger seats.  When Theresa is driving, Darby often looks up at me with her cute brown eyes, as if to say, “Please pet me!”

Shadow laying his head on Theresa's arm rest

Shadow was just the opposite.  When we started our trip, Shadow would lay down and sleep for most of the travel day.  But after our accident, Shadow became very nervous when riding in our RV.  To feel safer, he would intently press his body against the driver, sometimes even wedging his head between the steering wheel and the driver’s legs, which ironically made us less safe.  And he had a bad habit of stepping all over Darby, who was on the floor just trying to rest. 

So we banished Shadow to his spot behind the driver’s seat.  Though he occasionally needs a little reminder, he obediently keeps his feet behind the seat.  But he still wants to be close to us, so he cranes his neck and lays it on the driver’s arm rest.  He’ll assume this uncomfortable position for hours before eventually tiring out and laying down.

Echo Cliffs in the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation in Arizona

In spite of their nervous habits and little quirks, our dogs are very patient and well-behaved on travel days.  Our trip would be a lot less enjoyable if they were unruly or got sick while traveling.  We are really glad we brought our dogs, as they’ve been a wonderful addition to our adventure.

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