No TV, No Problem (So Far)

It has been 11 days since I’ve watched any TV.  I haven’t experienced serious withdrawals yet, but I do miss my few favorite shows, such as The Mentalist, Justified, and the upcoming new season of Survivor.

Don't we all wish we could "read minds" like Patrick Jane? | The Mentalist, Copyright © CBS

In my life pre-RV, I usually watched TV on the couch with Theresa after 9pm.  It was a nice lazy way to relax after a long day.  But at night in the RV, we are usually planning our next destination, writing about our current destination in our blogs, or contemplating sleep (yes, it’s true that getting lots of fresh air is a great cure for insomnia).

We also borrowed a bunch of DVDs from Theresa’s brother (thanks so much, David!).  Theresa has watched a few of the original Mission Impossible episodes thus far, and we hope to watch a movie soon.

Another factor is we haven’t been able to get a decent TV signal since our trip began.  We’re not sure if the antenna connection is broken, or we’ve just been too far out of range for a good signal.  Or we could pay a few hundred dollars upfront plus a hundred bucks a month for HD satellite TV.  But television is just not that interesting to us right now.  Maybe our attitude will change as our trip carries on.

Though I do hope to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Fortunately, Theresa booked us in an RV park that has Cable TV, so we should be able to get a clear picture of the Big Game.  And by the way, Go Pats!!

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