Where Do the Days and the Miles Go?

Today, we drove 12 hours across the grand state of Texas. It was easy driving, flat, pretty much all highway and sunny weather. Great driving conditions for maneuvering the RV plus tow car. Timm and I switch off drivers every 2 -3 hours, sharing the driving equally.

I wonder where the day goes, however. I did the math and I had 6 hours of non-driving time today. That should be plenty of time to get a bunch of things done so I am free to enjoy our hiking days in the parks, right? Yet, here’s how my non driving time was spent today.

2-Hour Block #1 – Timm and I talked about how we’re each adjusting to life on the road. Great in-depth conversation to help us stay close, connected and in sync.

2-Hour Block #2 – I researched wind farms in Texas. I called our home and auto insurance agent to get some things straightened out, which was a pretty long conversation because it got goofed up somehow. I called our long-term care insurance provider to get some questions answered so we can determine if we should continue our coverage. I called our real estate agent to see what else we can do to drum up house showings. A productive 2 hours.

2-Hour Block #3 – I ate dinner. Way cool to do so while the RV is moving! Great job, Timm, in selecting this type of RV for us! I looked at the atlas because I was unclear where we were exactly in Texas. Again, great work, Timm, planning our route. Then, I read a book on my iPad.

We arrived at 8:30 at night in Oliver Lee State Park. Twelve hours of driving gone in what seems like a blink in time.  These days are flying by, even the travel days.

The inside of our RV

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