Nature’s Cathedral

As I was sitting quietly gazing on the hoodoos in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, I found myself in awe of the beauty of the sculpted sandstone, flowing and ebbing into delicate shapes.  The cascading curves were carved effortlessly by wind and water over a timeframe too long for me to comprehend.  It reminded me of a a beautiful cathedral, one crafted effortlessly by the processes of nature.  This is a splendor that man had no hand in creating but that nature created all by herself and for no one. I felt respect for the beauty before me as I listened to the wind blowing, gently reshaping the scene before me one grain of sand at a time. I contemplated my place in this natural landscape and my fortune to experience it for the briefest of moments in it’s millennium of existence.

The Towers of Silence in Grand Staircase Escalante Natinal Monument

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