Motorhome Beats a Trailer Hands Down

One thing all RVers love to talk about is the advantages and disadvantages of one “rig” over another. I wrote about Selecting the Right RV last October when we first brought our Four Winds Hurricane home.  Now, after 4 weeks of actually living in it, I realize that buying a motorhome (the type of RV you drive) vs. a trailer (the type of RV you pull with a truck) was possibly THE most important decision we made, aside from going on the trip at all.  And, I must give credit to Timm for realizing a motorhome was best for us. Given the visionary that he is, Timm is able to accurately contemplate different future scenarios, even ones we’ve never experienced before.  Lucky for us, he put this talent to work to help us pick the right type of RV for our year-long trip.

Having lived in our motorhome RV for about a month, here are some of our experiences that led us to believe that a motorhome is superior to a trailer.

Lots of room for dogs and people in the RV

While Timm is driving the RV down the road, I can:
– Toast a bagel and put cream cheese on it from the frig
– Sit at the dining table and eat that bagel
– Go to the bathroom
– Brush my teeth
– Change from my shoes to my slippers so I’m more comfortable
– Fill up Timm’s water glass with cold water from the frig
– Do work on the laptop at the table
– Take a nap on the couch
– Get Timm a snack or a piece of gum from the pantry
– Fill up the dog’s water bowl and get them a treat for being such good RV travel dogs

You can’t do ANY of these things in the cab of a truck pulling a trailer!  However, to be semi-unbiased, here are a few advantages of a trailer vs. a motorhome:
– A trailer pulled by a truck is easier to drive because the center of gravity is on the bed of the truck.
– You can back up while towing the trailer.  You can’t back up a motor home towing a car.
– A trailer is less expensive than a motor home because you’re not buying an engine, just the coach part of the RV.  However, if you don’t already own a truck that can pull a trailer and have to buy one, the cost is a wash.

Clearly, for us, a motor home was the better choice. The longer we’re out here, the more we appreciate the added comfort the motorhome offers during the driving portion of our trip.  When traveling 1,000s of miles, these little conveniences quickly add up to a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

I bet there are other opinions out there, however!  Feel free to add your comments below and share your experiences.

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