Most Wildlife We’ve Seen at Custer State Park

Cute wild burro

We saw more free-roaming wildlife at Custer State Park than any other park we’ve visited so far.  There were plenty of bison, bighorn sheep, wild burros, prairie dogs and deer. 


"My name is Wilbur. Wanna pet me?"

Perhaps our favorite was the herd of wild burros.  They like to stroll up to the approaching cars so visitors can pet them.  Feeding is strictly prohibited.


"Hello, Theresa, look how cute we are. Do you got any carrots?"

Unfortunately this experience seemed to really frighten our dog Darby.  Normally fearless, Darby jumped down behind the seat and has been nervous when riding in the car ever since.  As if a wild burro is going to stick his head in the car window while we’re driving down the highway at 65 miles per hour, but you never know what goes through the minds of our furry little friends.

Please check out our Custer State Park photo tour.

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