Most Happy I’ve Been

Today, we hiked the Lost Horse Mine trail in Joshua Tree National Park.  We walked 6 miles, enjoying a warm 62 degrees on a completely quiet, peaceful trail.  As I walked along, I realized I’m the happiest I’ve been since we started this trip 46 days ago. 

Theresa walking along Lost Mine Trail

The RV accident could have killed or seriously injured one or more of us: me, Timm, Darby or Shadow.  I’m grateful for our little family and our love for each other.  I’m grateful for my family and friends who so encouraged us to get back on the road again.

Then, it took awhile to get back on our feet, to get our direction set again.  We floundered a little as we tried to deal with the many details required to put our lives back on track.  Now that we’re out hiking again, it seems everything is a little sharper and in focus.  The trees are a little more green.  I listen to the wind with more attentiveness.  I slow down more naturally, just taking a nap with Timm or petting one of the dogs or sitting and doing nothing.

I’m happy to be in Ryan Campground, which is peaceful and tiny with only a handfull of campsites.  I’m happy to be here with Timm and the dogs.  I feel even more fortunate to be on this trip and am content and as much at peace as I’ve ever been in my life.

Funny how difficult times, life threatening events and the near loss of our trip of a lifetime can do that to a person.

Our little piece of heaven in Ryan Campground, Joshua Tree National Park

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