Mighty Dogs

Shadow on a ledge watching our RV

We are blessed with two truly “mighty dogs” who want to experience everything on this trip as much as we do.  Here Shadow stands on a ledge a few hundred feet above our RV in Black Horse Canyon in the Mojave National Preserve in California.


Darby on a rock

Our dogs are fearless of heights, as we’ve discussed before.  They think nothing of walking right up to the edge of any boulder or cliff, such as Darby in this photo.


Shadow leads the way up Providence Mountain

Shadow likes to always be out in front, leading our pack up the trail.  Even when there is no marked trail, he usually seems to know which way we plan to go.


Darby relaxing in the sun

Darby is like a little kid who never wants to come inside.  She’d spend morning to night outdoors if we let her.


Theresa and Darby with our RV in the background

The dogs are good companions, always staying close to us.  Well, Shadow does anyway.  The beagle in Darby tends to make her wander off if we don’t keep track of her.  In this photo Theresa and Shadow stand on a volcanic mound a few hundred feet off the ground.  You can see our RV in the far distance (click on any photo for a larger version).


Shadow keeps an eye on our "house"

We can count on Shadow to always keep a vigilant eye on our “house.”  Whether it’s the RV or car, he always sticks close because he doesn’t want to get left behind.


Darby is our ambassador

Darby is our little ambassador to the outside world.  She meets and greets everyone who happens by.  She often will flip over hoping for a belly rub.  In this photo, a professional photographer stopped by our roadside camp in Mojave National Preserve on a very cold day after a rare winter storm.  He was the only human we saw the entire weekend.  He said there are rarely clouds or weather of any kind in the desert, so he wanted to brave the cold to snap a few photos.


Darby, Shadow and Theresa on Kelso Dunes

The dogs are always supposed to be on a 6’ leash, but they are so well-behaved that sometimes when we go off-trail, we let them wander free (shhh, don’t tell anyone).


Darby, Shadow and Timm on a rock

We love our two little furry companions.  They are a wonderful addition on our adventure of a lifetime.

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