Louisiana: Land of Big Oil

Having lived in Florida for 10 years, I was quite surprised when I first stepped onto the beach here in Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Whereas the view off the west coast of Florida reveals nothing but the pristine blue Gulf of Mexico, here we counted 34 giant oil rigs in the distance.  The same stark difference is true on land.  In Florida, the coast is lined with mostly homes, condos and hotels, whereas the coast here is packed with oil refineries and storage plants.

Our RV and an oil refinery in the distance

Oil is a necessary evil to power our world.  And I’d much rather we develop our own petroleum resources than buy it from countries that hate us.  But I’m sad that when the Great Recession hit in 2008, we didn’t take the opportunity to transform our country into a world leader of clean energy production and technology.

One thing that America still does better than most of the world is to innovate.  If only we put our minds and money into developing green energy solutions, America could lead the world into the 21st century.  But as with most things, we’ve ceded green energy manufacturing to the Chinese, who already dominate the solar panel market with cheap, innovative solutions.

Big oil is everywhere along the beach in Louisiana

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