Lance The Good Luck Bunny

When we decided what to bring on our RV trip, we had to really think about what was essential, as only so much will fit in 270 square feet of living space.  When I suggested that we find space for Lance the Good Luck Bunny, I thought Timm would frown and again gently remind me that “It’s not a very big RV, Sweetheart.”  Instead, he thoughtfully looked around and found the perfect spot for this stone rabbit, right behind the driver’s seat.

The Good Luck Bunny watches over us from behind the driver's seat.

Lance the Good Luck Bunny poses for his close-up.

This little stone rabbit has been the symbolic guardian of our house at Cricket Lane for the past 11 years.  His name is Lance because he represents my friend Lance Adams, who’s guided me at the pivotal points in my life. Whether buying a house or making a career move or deciding to take a year long RV trip, Lance has never steered me wrong, always patiently listening and helping me along a path that is best for me and Timm.  I am very fortunate to have such a wise and caring friend.  And I hope our good luck holds out a little longer.  But if our luck runs out, we hopefully enjoyed it while it lasted.

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