It’s the Little Things

Theresa and I are the world’s slowest hikers.  We are often one of the first people on the trail and the last to leave.  Little kids and senior citizens alike frequently pass us by.  Our GPS tells us we average a sloth-like pace of 1 mile per hour.

Flowers found along the trail in Grand Isle

It’s not that we walk slowly.  We certainly don’t dash through the park, but we have a normal pace.  The issue is that we take frequent breaks to literally “stop and smell the flowers.”

Flowers along the trail

When hiking our nation’s natural treasures, it’s easy to get caught up in the towering spires, dizzying heights, and grand vistas.  But as we’re hiking along enjoying the view, we try not to forget the amazing little things to be found on the ground, in the water, and in the bushes and trees.


There’s an entire world brewing beneath our feet.  Flowers, exotic plants, insects, and furry little animals live along the trail, and we do our best to enjoy them all.


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