Inner Peace

My sister-in-law Lauren said that she finds complete joy in a day when she has no plans and no pressures to do anything. She wakes up in the morning and just sees what the day brings. She describes this as her “day of perfect joy” and she usually shares this day with her daughter Diana.

On this journey, I’m seeking my version of Lauren’s day of joy. I describe it as finding inner peace and inner quiet. All my life, I’ve been striving, working hard, pushing forward. One of my managers once said to me “You’re always on.” Every moment of my life is driven by a to do list, even on the weekends. I’m one of those people so does something, then writes it down and then check it off, just so I can have a sense of accomplishment. Yes, I’m one of those people and those of you who do it too, you know the feeling. I have a hard time just being still.

On this journey, I want to be still and learn to be at peace doing nothing… and I want to get so good at it that I can feel this way… without effort. I plan to study Taoism so I can quite the mind and really experience the journey. When the journey is over, I want to then take this peace and inner quiet back to my daily life and do so… effortlessly.

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