“In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took.” –Frasier Crane

We’ve had almost a 100% positive reaction to our decision to go on this trip. My brother David sat in our RV on multiple occasions and dreamed with us about going. My friend Lance who’s guided me in the toughest decisions in my life said “I’m impressed and proud of you.” All my friends, like Stacy, Lois, Jay, Kim, Lori, Jeff, Tony, and even Stani who cried because we’re leaving, have been encouraging, uplifting and reassuring. My family has been supportive too, my parents worried, of course but trying to get comfortable with their only daughter leaving for a yearlong trip with no home other than the one on wheels.

On occasion, we get a hint of concern. It’s masked and polite but underneath, there’s a hint of “Are you crazy? You’re quitting a great job in this economy and doing what? It’s the worst market in 80 years to sell a house. Are you crazy?” Maybe we are crazy and yes, the economy sucks. But at the same time, when IS the right time to do something like this? Isn’t there always a logical reason to NOT go? When is going ever going to be the sensible decision? We can’t keep saying “Let’s give it one more year…” because one day we’d look back and realize it’s too late. We’ll have saved money and yet be too old or sick to enjoy the journey. That would be tragic.

The years fly by and yes, life is short. “In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took.” We have been very, very lucky through all these big and little decisions over the years to have this chance. Is this the right decision? Is now the right time? Heck if we know but we’re going to find out.

How many of us have a dream like this? Most everyone, we suspect, has a dream that is maybe not to go across the U.S. in an RV, but something similar. Maybe sharing our decision process and journey to this point is helpful. Each of our paths are different, our decision points different, our dreams different, our life choices different. And yet it’s almost never too late to evaluate our choices so that our future takes a different path. A path that brings us closer to what gives each of us our own, unique inner peace.

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