Happy Valentine’s Day from the Desert Southwest

Prickly Pear Cactus in the shape of a heart

Or another caption for this photo might be, “Love Hurts.”

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day in our traditional fashion… by not really celebrating at all.  We’ve never really succumbed to the made-up Hallmark Holidays® like Sweetest Day, Administrative Assistants’ Day, Boss’ Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the granddaddy of them all, Valentines Day.  We’ve always felt it’s better to show our love for each other every day in many small ways.  For example: leaving each other notes in the morning, getting the other person a drink before bed, and putting toothpaste on other person’s toothbrush when you prepare your own.  Theresa also offers to give my aching back a quick rub each night before bed.  I always give her the chocolate-filled bottom of my Drumstick ice cream cone.

All these little things add up in a big way to show the other person that you love and care for them and are thinking of them, much more than a dozen roses and box of chocolates once a year.  When my nephew Steven and his fiancée Megan wondered what’s our secret for being together for 20 years, we cited all these little things we do for each other.  And of course being very compatible helps a ton!

Timm's favorite kind of cookie

Before each Valentine’s Day we usually ask each other, “Did you get me anything this year?”  And we typically reply, “Nope.”  But this year Theresa cheated and got me my favorite cookie while shopping for groceries.  Maybe next year I’ll surprise her with a Starbucks Frappuccino.

A friend wrote on their Facebook wall that “Love is forever.”  Actually the opposite is true.  Love is fleeting.  It takes work and dedication to sustain it.  And even then love can fade away as people change and grow or stagnate.  There is no silver bullet or magic potion when it comes to love.  If there was, you can be sure that Hallmark would sell it.

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