Grateful for the Things I Miss

Sean O’Shaughnessey asks the most insightful questions about our trip.  This next question from Sean really got us thinking:

What do you miss the most?  What do you miss the least?

I most miss my family and friends.  For example, I really miss my brother David, his wife Lauren, my niece Zadee and my nephew Joel.

Zadee, Lauren, David, Joel and Timm at David and Lauren's house

David and his family live about 20 minutes from our house in Kentucky.  My brother David is only 1 year older than me and all my life, he’s been there for me.  He’s always been my older brother and even as adults, he always looks out for me.  Since leaving on the trip, we’ve been talking on the phone about once a week.  Sometimes, David and the family get on the speaker phone and we talk for a long time.  Lauren regularly has a joke she tells me or just the way she says things makes me laugh.  But I miss seeing them, seeing Joel getting bigger and no doubt, more gregarious and funny.  And Zadee is a teenager and soon, she’ll be off to college.  I just miss watching them grow up this year and that makes me sad.  But, I remind myself how lucky I am to have family I miss this much.


Cricket Lane

I also miss Cricket Lane, our house in Kentucky. I loved every minute of our 12 years in that house.  In addition, spring was my favorite time of the year there.  The bulbs would have bloomed by now and the lilacs and roses always smelled so wonderful in the spring sunshine.  The Bradford pear tree is probably just now showing it’s pretty white blossoms.  My favorite sound to listen to in all the world is the spring peeper frogs chirping from the pond.  And I love to listen to the bard owl hooting at night when we’d open the windows to enjoy the fresh, cool spring air.  I have such an emotional connection to Cricket Lane and I miss it very much.


Little Wolf in the fall

I miss Little Wolf too, our land in southern Kentucky.  It’s so quiet and peaceful there.  I wonder how my apple orchard is doing without me there to prune and keep the bugs from eating the leaves off the trees.  I wonder how the beavers are doing keeping their dam in good repair so the pond water level remains nice and high.  I think about our neighbor Glen and hope he’s well as he’s been in poor health recently.

I love this trip and wouldn’t trade this time for anything.  This grand adventure, the incredibly beautiful natural wonders of our country cause me to say “Wow” multiple times a day as I gaze down on a vast canyon or marvel at a panoramic view so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. I know that missing parts of my old life is a sign that I have much for which to be grateful.

What do I miss the least?  That’s probably pretty obvious and I’m sure my answer would be the same for everyone.  Waking up to an alarm clock, going to work, and being part of the rat race that is normal living.  It’s fantastic roaming around the country without any time constraints, real commitments, pressures or required destinations.  The word that describes the feeling is “free.”  Completely free.

P1070740BTheresa in Vermillion Cliffs freeing a beetle that was in our campsite and in danger of getting stepped on.

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