Goodbye Yucca Valley

Our nearly 3 weeks in the Yucca Valley California area has finally come to an end.  We arrived here 18 days ago on Monday, February 27 when our journey was so rudely interrupted by the CHP ramming into our RV.  Today, we finished the last of the major work to get ourselves into a new RV and back on the road.  That last action was to ship 5 boxes of household items and 1 queen size mattress back to Kentucky because our new, smaller RV can’t accommodate some of the things we brought.  Plus, in our first month on the road, we learned to live an even more minimalist lifestyle so some of what we brought, we simply don’t need.

Some of what we had in storage never made it back into the new RV so we shipped it home.

Yucca Valley was our home base this past 3 weeks.  This little town has grown on us.  EVERYONE we talk to knows about the crash.  This is a small town and a CHP crashing into an RV is big news.  We heard countless times: “That was you?  Wow, glad you’re OK.  That was a nice RV.  Too bad it was destroyed.”  So many people were very nice to us, strangers in the laundry mat, grocery store or just people we’d pass on the street.  There were some we also talked to that were not as nice, empathetic or customer focused. It is very clear which companies and people "get” customer service and which simply don’t. But I’ve had enough down thoughts for awhile so I’ll just focus on the positive experiences we had and those who were caring and helpful.

The Desert Sky Motel and RV Park where we stayed while purchasing and equipping our new RV.

Here were the nice experiences:
o Rose at Country Club Mini Storage let us rent a 5 x 8 storage unit for just 2 weeks instead of the normally required 1 month rental.
o The Indian owners (I never quite got her name) at the Desert Sky Motel and RV Park let us have our 2 dogs here despite their policy of no dogs allowed.  We stayed in the motel for about a week, then in their RV park with our new RV for the rest of the time.  It’s inexpensive and has the convenience of being 1 block from our storage.  Plus, there’s a nice field next door for the dogs to run off leash.
o Roger at Miller Transfer and Storage sold us a queen size mattress box for $15.  I called ALL over little Yucca Valley trying to find a box which is required when shipping via a freight carrier.  I was about to give up when some helpful person who didn’t have a box said, “did you try a moving company?”  Roger was my last resort and he helped me out.
o Larry at Kelly’s Futures was especially nice.  He didn’t have a queen size mattress box when I called.  However, about 4 hours later, he took the time to think of me and call me to tell me he had just sold 2 twin mattresses.  He thought maybe I could put the 2 boxes together and make a queen out of them.  Talk about nice.
o Jim at Hill’s Towing secured several valuables from our wrecked RV to keep them safe, such as my guitar.  They let us go into the RV countless times to retrieve personal goods and accessories.
o Mike, Peter and Frank at Freight Center were patient and kind.  I spent hours on the phone with them trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to ship our extra stuff and the queen mattress home. Incredible customer service skills.
o Humbarto at YRC Freight was very nice when helping us load our boxes into his big shipping truck.  We were his last pick up and he was tired but still took the time to be polite, patient and helpful.

Shadow runs across the vacent lot just outside our motel/rv park. Our storage place is in the background.

We are very glad to be leaving Yucca Valley and putting this chapter in our trip behind us. Yet, we appreciate the generosity of the people here very much. Goodbye Yucca Valley! Onward to Mohave National Preserve!

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