Gift #3: Shared Passion

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” – Winnie the Pooh

Gift #3 is the shared passion Timm and I have for this adventure of a lifetime and being able to experience it together.  We are kindred spirits in our love for nature and our interest in hiking the beautiful parks across North America. It is a valuable gift to be able to share this experience together.  Timm and I will hike to the top of a mountain, sit side by side in awe of a magnificent panoramic view and turn to each other to say “I’m glad you’re here to share this moment with me.”  This is truly a gift.

Lucky to be here together.

I feel that experiences are more rich and memorable if they are shared with someone.  If that someone is a person you dearly love, it’s even more special because the experience becomes part of the fabric of your lives together.  The moments become memories, to be fondly recollected and discussed in years to come. 

Often while hiking, Timm and I play a little game called “Remember that Park.”  Timm will name a park we visited and I will tell him ever single thing I can remember about that park.  I’ll try to remember details about the hikes, what our camping spot was like, what the weather was like, the flowers we saw, animals we saw, what the dogs did, who we met, what we ate, funny things that were said or done, and even smells or sounds we heard.  I’ll try to remember every detail I can.  Then, Timm will add additional memories I didn’t mention.  Invariably as we run through the memories, we’ll both recall points the other person forgot and say, “Oh yeah, now I remember that!”  Then, we’ll switch roles and I’ll name a park and he’ll recall every detail.  However, one interesting twist is that as the game has evolved, we’ve unconsciously started to not mention memories that are unpleasant.  If we were struggling with an issue with selling the house at the time, we don’t mention this.  If the dogs were misbehaving on a hike, we might remember it, but we just don’t verbalize it.  If one of us was having a bad day or was tired or just cranky, we just leave that memory out.

Why would we spend time recalling the details of the not-so-distant past?  We’ve only been traveling for 5 months so these memories are not that old.  The reason is because we cherish this time together and want to remember every detail. Re-living deepens the memory and allows us to more vividly hold onto the feelings, emotions and beauty of it all.  It allows us to experience this special time together over and over and over,  By doing so, this adventure is always with us in rich colors and vivid detail.

We are thankful for having each other on this journey and know how lucky we are that we both love nature and hiking.  It is a precious gift to be able to take this adventure of a life time with the person we love for all time.

We made it all the way to Alaska!  A dream come true!

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