Garibaldi’s Black Tusk

Black Tusk

As I mentioned in my last article, we zipped down through Canada in August because we were on a tight schedule for Theresa to catch a flight in Seattle.  Garibaldi Provincial Park was the one place in Canada that we stopped for a few days to explore in more depth.

Garibaldi is a large wilderness park that has very limited access.  There are five main roads that travel to the western edge of the park, and then you have to hike the rest of your way in.

The park is beautiful, filled with tall snow-covered mountains, alpine glaciers, turquoise glacial lakes, and a volcanic remnant called the Black Tusk (shown above).  The monolith is the result of lava filling a volcano’s cinder cone, cooling, and then the cone itself eroded away to reveal a black lava core.

Please check out our photo tour for more on this incredible wilderness park.

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