Found: An Ax!

My favorite find of the trip: an ax! I found it at a campsite in Olympic National Park where someone had accidentally left it behind. This whole trip, I’ve wanted an ax for splitting wood and kept telling myself I didn’t really need it because most of the wood we get is in small enough pieces.  However, there were a few campgrounds in the Yukon that gave away free wood and said “BYOA,” Bring Your Own Ax.  We heard people splitting wood all about the campground and I was envious, wishing I had an ax to BYOA.

Yesterday, I FOUND one!  We split a few pieces of wood last night for our campfire.  It’s going to take some practice to get good at hitting the same spot more than once but by the end, I was starting to figure it out.  Timm got into the wood splitting act too.  It was fun!

Here’s Shadow modeling the ax.  He has no opposable thumbs so he didn’t try his paw at wood splitting.

Shadow likes the ax because it means more roasted marshmellows!

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