Doggies Running in White Sands

One of the places on my Bucket List that we got to visit on our trip was White Sands National Monument.  Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve wanted to wander over the miles and miles of desolate white sand dunes and pretend that I’m Lawrence of Arabia.

As much as we enjoyed this beautiful desert monument, the dogs loved it even more.  Since there were no established trails, and the nearest other person was over a half-mile away, the dogs got to run around off the leash.  Although the top layer of sand was warm in the winter sun, the sand underneath was cool, soft and comfy on the dogs’ paws.

It didn’t take long for Shadow to start running and Darby to chase after him.  I’ve never seen a dog who loved to run as much as Shadow.  His long legs and strong stride made him hard to catch but a wonder to watch.

But Darby was no slouch herself.  Though she couldn’t hope to keep up with speedy Shadow, Darby was smart and cunning.  She’d chase Shadow just enough to get him running, then stand idly by until he started to tire.  Then Darby would position herself at a choke point to catch Shadow as he ran by.

It’s sad to think that blind Shadow will never run like the wind again.

YouTube Preview Image
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