Desert Winter Storm

Winter storm in Mojave National Preserve

The world is going crazy.  While my relatives in Wisconsin are enjoying summer-like weather this mid-March, we’re getting hit with a winter storm in the California desert.  Parked in the Mojave National Preserve about 100 miles from Death Valley–the hottest place in America–we are experiencing freezing temperatures and light snow.  The RV rocked all night from 50+ mph winds.  But at least it’s not as bad here as in northern Arizona, where I-40 was shut down due to two feet of snow. 



Snow squall in the distance

We checked the weather map to see if we could drive our way to warmer weather, but it looks like the entire desert southwest is socked in for the next two days.  So we’ll just ride out the storm here in our little RV.  The nice thing about being in the desert is it doesn’t rain or snow all that much.  One minute you can barely see out the window, and the next minute it’s sunny and clear overhead and snowing in the distance.  It rained for about a half hour yesterday, which is a rare treat for a region that averages 4-1/2” of rain per year.  Later this week we’ll head into Death Valley, where it’s expected to heat up into the low 90s.  Fortunately we planned for the entire range of weather, from sub-freezing to baking.

Nature is neither for you nor against you – she just is.

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