Darby and Shadow in the Rainforest

Darby and Shadow in the rainforest

The dogs took a break on a long, steep climb up to a mountain pass in the Olympic National Forest, Washington.  Shadow was so tired that he fell asleep on our short break!  Darby kept a watchful eye on us while we grabbed a quick snack.  Notice the cute little “Alfafa” hair (from Little Rascals) on top of her head. 


Shadow and Darby on Marmot Pass

After a 6-mile hike and 3500-foot climb, we reached the top of Marmot Pass with a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains.  Though our dogs are in terrific shape, they took our lunch break as an opportunity to catch a few winks.  What they really wanted to do was chase the marmots in the nearby boulder field, but we wouldn’t let them. 

We had a brief scare on the hike back down the trail.  Shadow got lost for about 10 minutes.  Theresa and Darby stayed put, while I hiked back toward the pass.  Fortunately I passed by a couple that saw Shadow running up the trail, so I yelled for him, and a few minutes later he came running down the trail, so happy to see me!

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