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The Howl of a Wolf, Wild and Free

In all our many years of traveling and hiking in natural areas, we had never heard the howl of a wolf.  Then, we had the joy of hearing our first wolf while dispersed camping in public land just outside Kooteney National Park in British Columbia, Canada.

Wolf in the wild. Copyright © Fremlin's Photo Stream Image Used Under Creative Common License


Hey, Bear!

Black bear along the road

“Hey, Bear!”  That’s the phrase we call out while hiking though the forest in bear country.  Bears are great to look at from a distance, but you don’t want to surprise a bear, especially a mamma with her cubs.  A surprised bear is likely to react to your presence in unwanted ways, such as by eating you. 


Bubonic Plague: It’s No Joke

While looking for a dispersed camping spot in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, we found several of the following signs nailed to posts on some of the dirt roads we were about to explore.  Timm posted this picture of the sign on Facebook and our sister-in-law Lauren said, “I thought he posted it on Facebook as a joke.” Unfortunately, it’s real. Bubonic plague has infected the prairie dog populations in this area of South Dakota.

Bubonic plague sign in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands


Bighorn Sheep Snacking on the Road

Bighorn sheep licking something off the road

This Bighorn Sheep was licking something off the center line of a road in Custer State Park in southwest South Dakota.


Wetlands in Texas?

Brazos Bend State Park in Texas is nothing like we expected.  Instead of flat pastures of brown prairie grass fenced in with cattle grazing, we’re in a marshy forest with wetlands and alligators.  Here’s our RV parked under a Spanish moss covered oak.

Shady spot to rest and relax

Brazos Bend boasts more than 300 adult alligators in the freshwater marshes that make up the majority of this 5,000 acre park.

Alligators lounging on the bank


How to Not Get Eaten by an Alligator

Favorite items from the "Alligator Etiquette" list of things to do to not get eaten.

#2: Keep pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Do not throw objects in water for your dog to retrieve.
#5: If an alligator goes after a fish you have caught, cut the line and let the alligator have the fish.

You think?

Camo alligator waiting for a meal to pass by.

We All Need a Friend

Gator Pals at Brazos Bend State Park

No matter how thick our hide, we all need a friend.  These cute four-foot gator pals were resting on a log on the banks of 40-Acre Lake in Brazos Bend State Park in Texas.  We counted 120 alligators on our 7-mile hike.