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Follow TnT on an Interactive Map

We are using Google’s My Maps feature to provide an interactive map of all the cool places that we have visited on our RV trip.  As with all Google maps, you can zoom in or pan out, show the street level photographs, or switch to an overhead satellite view.  You can click on any of the places we’ve visited for a short description and a link to the associated photos on our National Park Explorers website.

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TnT Map

Tentative Travel Schedule

Following is our tentative travel schedule, subject to change.  The approximate arrival date is listed for each of our major planned stops:


Graceland to See the King

We have a change to the trip route, such freedom! “Hey, I was thinking…isn’t Graceland on the way to Louisiana?” First stop… Graceland!

Graceland - Copyright © Ian McKellar. Image used under Creative Commons License.

I’m not a big Elvis fan but who doesn’t admire the King?  My favorite Elvis song is “You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog.”  Who’s he talking about and could it be a more rude song?!   “You aint never caught a rabbit and you aint no friend of mine…” Makes me laugh… What’s your favorite Elvis song?  Click on this post, go to the bottom and let us know in the “Leave a Reply” section.


First Stop: Grand Isle

Check out our planned route, which includes 65 national parks, national monuments, state parks and cities in the USA and Canada.

We will start the trip by heading due south and stopping when we hit the Gulf Coast at Grand Isle, Louisiana.  This should get us out of the freezing cold, since we will have to de-winterize our RV right before leaving.  But we’ll still be close enough to home in case something goes wrong or we need to make any major adjustments.  We also want to take a side trip into New Orleans and visit the French Quarter.

After a week or two, we’ll start heading west, with the second stop at Brazos Bend State Park in Texas.

Planned Route

Planned Route

Following is our planned trip to national parks, national monuments, and state parks in the Western USA, Canada and Alaska.  Of course our route is subject to change.


Join Us!

All our friends and family know that you’re all invited to join us somewhere along the journey. Our planned route shows the places we’ll visit.  Have a look and then contact us when you have an idea of where you want to meet us and/or when. Our plans are flexible, with the following few places we’d like to be on specific dates:

Stop 15 – Yosemite National Park California – March 24th
Stops 31-35 – Alaska – June through August
Stop 64 – Zion National Park Utah – November 4th

My brother David jokes that you’re all going to converge on the same date and place to join us! I doubt it! Our friends Lois and John have expressed interest in meeting us Denali in June. Hope they can make it!  Maybe you would like to visit one of the locations where we’ll be?

Denali - Copyright © Timm and Theresa Martin