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RV for Sale!

This morning, we put our RV for sale in RVTrader (click on the link to see the ad).  We spent the last 2 days cleaning and scrubbing to get it looking “like-new” so we could take pictures and have it ready to show to potential buyers. 

RV in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument


Cricket Lane: Sold!

On August 31st, we sold Cricket Lane, our home for the last 10 years.  We really loved that house and shared many, many happy moments there with family and friends.  When we started this RV trip, we put Cricket Lane on the market so that after the trip was over, we will be free to make a new life wherever we wanted, including the option of moving to Little Wolf.

Now that the house is sold, we feel a great sense of relief.  It felt that the house was like a boat anchor we dragged along on our trip.  It was a huge source of worry and required constant attention and activity from the day we left until the day we sold it. Houses don’t do well when left vacant and uncared for and when the owners are on the other side of the country, it’s an even bigger challenge to maintain and sell it remotely.

Cricket Lane


Goodbye Yucca Valley

Our nearly 3 weeks in the Yucca Valley California area has finally come to an end.  We arrived here 18 days ago on Monday, February 27 when our journey was so rudely interrupted by the CHP ramming into our RV.  Today, we finished the last of the major work to get ourselves into a new RV and back on the road.  That last action was to ship 5 boxes of household items and 1 queen size mattress back to Kentucky because our new, smaller RV can’t accommodate some of the things we brought.  Plus, in our first month on the road, we learned to live an even more minimalist lifestyle so some of what we brought, we simply don’t need.

Some of what we had in storage never made it back into the new RV so we shipped it home.

Yucca Valley was our home base this past 3 weeks.  This little town has grown on us.  EVERYONE we talk to knows about the crash.  This is a small town and a CHP crashing into an RV is big news.  We heard countless times: “That was you?  Wow, glad you’re OK.  That was a nice RV.  Too bad it was destroyed.”  So many people were very nice to us, strangers in the laundry mat, grocery store or just people we’d pass on the street.  There were some we also talked to that were not as nice, empathetic or customer focused. It is very clear which companies and people "get” customer service and which simply don’t. But I’ve had enough down thoughts for awhile so I’ll just focus on the positive experiences we had and those who were caring and helpful.


The Aftermath

Today we were supposed to be hiking the magnificent Joshua Tree National Park.  Instead we were removing all personal belongings from our destroyed RV and putting them in storage.  This took about 4 hours, as we had to make numerous trips back & forth between the wrecker lot and storage unit.  Fortunately Theresa did a great job finding a storage place and hotel room that accepts dogs all within a few blocks of where our RV was parked.  It’s amazing that our entire life on the road could fit in a tiny 5×10’ storage unit with room to spare.  I guess this shows how minimalist of a life we were living in our 270-square-foot motor home.

Our life in a storage unit


Rainy Super Bowl Sunday in Texas

What’s it like living in a 31 foot RV with 270 feet of living space?  This is what we call extreme downsizing from a 2700 square foot house, exactly 1/10th of the space.  It’s been a fairly easy adjustment because we really like our RV and feel we bought one that meets our needs.  We have it set up the way we want, with minor adjustments still underway to make it as livable and convenient as possible.

In the below picture, Timm is at the dining table on his laptop and I have mine across from him.  We’ve very lucky that Timm is so technical.  He’s got our wireless Verizon internet access set up and a printer under the seat so we can stay connected with family and friends, do our finances, investments, bills, etc. Today, it’s a rainy 45 degrees so it will be mostly an errand day (bills, grocery shopping, laundry) with a little hiking too.  Then, later tonight, we’ll watch the Super bowl in the comfort of our own… home.

Timm and Shadow taking care of business in the RV

Do You Question Your Decision?

My mom asked me an interesting question a week before we started our adventure: “Do you question your decision to go on this trip?”  One might think that’s a backhanded criticism, but that’s not how my mom is with me.  She knew that we worked very hard for 9 months preparing for this trip, not to mention the three decades we worked and saved our money so we could afford it.  Plus we made many sacrifices in our life for this little adventure: leaving family and friends, missing two weddings, putting our careers on hold, moving out of a wonderful house and away from our nature preserve, and giving up the peace and tranquility we’ve enjoyed for the past decade.


Slight Delay on Takeoff

It looks like there will be a 1-2 day delay on our departure.  There are a few last-minute details beyond our control that need to be resolved.

Fortunately our schedule is flexible.  We had to cancel our first two RV park reservations, but we should be able to reschedule them since this isn’t the busy season yet.  Luckily, there was just one small change fee.

It will be interesting to see how many times on this trip we set advance reservations, versus making last-minute decisions on where to stay.  We have the freedom of no set schedule, but that’s balanced by vacancy in our desired RV parks.  I expect we will have to make reservations more often as we get into the busy season (aka summer).

Occasionally we’ll want to leave a park sooner or stay longer than originally planned.  We may decide to skip some parks or add new parks to the list.  We also hope to boondock off the grid numerous times in national forests.  Since each RV park has its different change & cancel rules, we’ll have to analyze the situation carefully as it evolves so we don’t get hit with too many fees.  Is there an app for that?

Packing for an RV Trip is Stressful

Packing for an extended RV trip is stressful.  You have to make hundreds of little decisions each day: whether to bring something or whether to pack it away.  As Theresa’s friend jokingly reminded us, “You know, they have a store in every town.”  So sure, if we forget something, we can always buy it on the road.  But you hate to spend money buying something you already own.

Easiest Way to Follow Our Trip

Several of you asked “What’s the easiest way to follow your trip and know when you’re posting something new on this blog?” Just go to “Follow Us” in the middle of this page and enter your email address.  It will then ask you to type in some weird characters to prevent spam and… you’re all set! You’ll get an email when we add a new blog entry. This blogging thing is pretty easy!

Planned Route

Planned Route

Following is our planned trip to national parks, national monuments, and state parks in the Western USA, Canada and Alaska.  Of course our route is subject to change.