Best Friends

Shadow and Darby sitting in the warm sun in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Shadow and Darby are adopted brother & sister and best friends.  Darby is fiercely independent, while Shadow is very dependent, so they make a good team.  Here they are sitting in the warm sun after breakfast at our campsite in Vermillion Cliffs.


Shadow uses Darby as a pillow

Shadow loves laying next to Darby and crowding her.  Often Darby will then get up and go find her own spot in which to lay.  But occasionally, especially if it’s cold, Darby will allow Shadow to use her as a pillow.


Shadow and Darby laying together in our RV on a travel day

On travel days, the dogs like to sit up front with us.  However, there’s a lot less room in our new RV, so they have to crowd together in a tiny space in front of the center console.


Shadow and Darby reverse-spooning near Las Vegas. Hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The dogs spend a lot of time together on this trip, so they have grown to be quite close.


Darby and Shadow sitting up high in Kodachrome Basin State Park

Darby and Shadow are both mighty dogs, able to scramble boulders and climb mountains to be with us in our typical high-elevation lunch spots.


Shadow bites Darby on the arm

Shadow bites Darby on the head

Darby responds with a karate kick

Darby chases Shadow in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Darby and Shadow love to wrestle with each other.  It usually starts with Shadow biting on Darby until he gets her riled up, then she chases him all around.  The dogs especially love it when we roadside camp in the middle of nowhere so they can run free off the leash, such as in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument shown above.  We are fortunate to have two dogs who get along so well together.

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