Amazing Grasslands

Timm is outstanding in his field, with Shadow and the RV in the distance

We have fallen in love with the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands in South Dakota.  It’s a giant prairie in all directions as far as the eye can see.  Can you spot our dog Shadow and our RV in the background of this photo?


Thunderstorm rages across the prairie

For the past two days, thunderstorms have raged in the distance as they pass by to our north and south, but fortunately have yet to make a direct hit.  We’d prefer not to receive too much rain here because we have to drive the RV on a dirt road out of the grasslands in a few days.


Timm is cooking out, while Shadow and Darby look on in anticipation

Tonight we cooked pork chops on the grill.  Notice the rain falling from yet another storm in the background.  We’re only a few miles from the Interstate, so this is one of the rare occasions on our trip where we have an Internet connection in the wilderness.  This has allowed us to track the storms on radar as they rumble by (plus update our blog with posts like this!)


Darby, Shadow and Theresa enjoy watching the sunset

One of the big pleasant surprises here has been the sounds of the grasslands.  We sat in the grass and just listened to the amazing chorus of birds (especially the Western Meadowlark), crickets, turkeys, geese, frogs, coyotes, cows, and thunder.  It was a truly magical night that we will hopefully remember forever.



Theresa and Shadow watch the sunset

We watched as the sunset peeked through yet another thunderstorm.


Fiery sunset

The rain glowed like fire in the sunset. 

The Buffalo Gap Grasslands is definitely one of our favorite places on our trip.  Dispersed camping out in the wilderness really enhances and extends our nature experience in ways that a regular campground full of people and RVs cannot.  If we didn’t have to restock on water and groceries, dump our tanks, and do our laundry, we’d probably never return to civilization.

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