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Songs that Touch the Soul

Here’s my “RV Trip Music” list, each song inspiring our journey in a different way. There’s a bit of everything, new age, pop, blue grass, rock, old and new artists. All are available on iTunes except Into the Wild by LP, which can be downloaded for free.



Phases of Our Trip

People tend to divide their lives into a series of phases, one leading to the next.  Phases are delineated by major progressions in our lives, such as leaving home to start college, moving from one city to another, getting married, having children, changing jobs or becoming a grandparent.  A new phase might also occur due to an unexpected event, such as winning the lottery or the death of a family member.  Some phases we bring upon ourselves with purpose and intent.  Sometimes, new phases are brought upon us due to random chance, the same random chance that has affected the entire universe since it was born 13.7 billion years ago.

Even our trip of approximately 1 year has distinct phases.  We tried to be conscious of each passing phase so we could improve upon the experience to ensure the next phase was even better.  We’re now starting to enter the final phase of our journey and then we’ll return to something that at least resembles normal life.  These final phases have yet to be written.

Here are the phases of our adventure so far.

Phase 1 – Preparing for the Trip
Timeframe – April 2011 to February 2012
Duration – 11 months
Location – Cricket Lane in Union, Kentucky
The day we left Cricket Lane
Description – The year of preparation for this trip was filled with giddy anticipation.  We had talked about going on an extended RV trip for years and finally, we felt the time was right.  Once we made the decision to go, I counted down the days until we would depart.  Every evening, I went to bed dreaming about wandering the country in an RV, hiking and exploring.  I remember getting ready for work with a brochure of an RV on the sink, so I could start the day thinking about our “new home.”  I made a list of the songs that reminded me of the trip.  I never looked forward to anything as much as I did this trip.

In addition to looking forward to the trip, we also spent the year getting ready to go.  We created a task list of about 250 items that had to be done, such as selecting, buying and equipping the RV, buying health care, getting our investments squared away, figuring out how to get mail while on the road, getting last minute doctors checkups, getting the dog shots up to date, etc., etc.


RV Song Additions

My friend from Fidelity Dave Hupper called me and said, “There’s a big hole in your RV Song list. You should include something from John Denver.” Right you are, Dave. I added Rocky Mountain High to the song list. Perfect addition, classic.

Then, my friend from P&G, Dave Cohen wrote me and said, “I thought of another song for you, Metallica’s Wherever I May Roam.  Dave, you always were quite the rocker!  Good choice!

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UPDATE 1/23: Marie Hall has an addition, I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.  Thank you, Marie, for your friendship and for being an inspiration to me to take this year long dance.

How long we livin’, livin’, livin’?”

“How long we livin’, livin’, livin’?” are lyrics from one of my favorite songs,  Into the Wild by LP.  A key reason for going on this trip now is that we’re not getting any younger. I’m 46 and Timm is 47. We love hiking deep into the back country which means trekking 10-15 miles a day. Years of running has taken a toll on my legs and I feel their little aches and pains. For the first time in my life, I realize that I am getting older. Timm teases me that “It’s about time you joined the rest of us mortals!” His back has bothered him for years. He has arthritis in his family history so we won’t be surprised when some day, he starts feeling those aches too. It won’t be long before we won’t be able to do this trip the way we’ve dreamed about it.

I see us at 65, walking up the edge of a canyon and looking down into it and saying “Wish we could hike down into that. Wish we’d taken this trip when we were younger.”  If we wait much longer, it will be too late. We will be those older people some day and that day is not that far away.