7 MPG, or Why I Hope We Don’t Go to War with Iran

We calculated our RV gas mileage for the first time the other day and discovered we are getting exactly 7 miles per gallon.  Yikes!  We were hoping for a more robust 9-10 MPG.  Most Class A motorhomes consume 5-10 MPG, minus 1-2 MPG if they are towing a vehicle, as we are.

Timm & Theresa's RV and toad parked at Graceland

We had budgeted $10,000 for RV gas on our 17,000 mile trip, estimating 9 MPG and $4.00 per gallon for gasoline.  Thus far we are paying an average of $3.30 per gallon, but that price will rise when we travel through California, Canada and Alaska.  (You’d think Alaska would have cheap gas, considering all the oil drilling in the state.  But most of the oil is shipped to the lower 48 for refinement into gasoline, then shipped back up to Alaska.)

As long as gas remains in the $3.30 range, we should come in on budget.  But if Israel and/or the United States decides to attack Iran this year, the price of gas will likely shoot through the roof.  War is hell for everyone except the military industrial complex that profits greatly from it.  For many reasons including selfishly our pocketbook, let’s hope we see peace in the Middle East this year.

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