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Final Cost of Our Trip of a Lifetime

[Note: Article updated to estimate costs without the RV accident.]

2012 was a magical year.  That’s when we explored the beautiful natural lands of the western United States, Canada, and Alaska.

We left our Kentucky home in January 2012.  We spent 292 days or 9-1/2 months on the road, and ended our trip in Florida in November 2012.  We hiked 836 miles and visited 94 parks along the way, including 29 national parks, 24 state parks, and 11 national monuments.  You can view a detailed analysis of our trip here.

So now that we have finally sold our RV, I am able to calculate all our expenses related to our trip.  Without the accident, the final cost of our trip was approximately:


This computes to approximately:

$5,900 per month
$185 per day
$11 per waking hour