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Almost Time to Go!

Timm, Theresa, Shadow and Darby

We into the final stretch, doing the last set of preparations for our cross-country RV trip across the western USA, Canada and Alaska in 2012.  We have been dreaming about this trip for many years.  We decided to go now while we are still young, healthy and energetic enough to hike trails and climb mountains.  We’re very excited about spending the year outdoors and exploring the amazing and beautiful natural wonders of North America.

This is our personal blog, which will discuss the excitement and challenges of spending a year on the road.  You are also welcome to check out the photographic diary of our journey.  We will miss our friends and family, but they will ride along with us in our hearts.

Join Us!

All our friends and family know that you’re all invited to join us somewhere along the journey. Our planned route shows the places we’ll visit.  Have a look and then contact us when you have an idea of where you want to meet us and/or when. Our plans are flexible, with the following few places we’d like to be on specific dates:

Stop 15 – Yosemite National Park California – March 24th
Stops 31-35 – Alaska – June through August
Stop 64 – Zion National Park Utah – November 4th

My brother David jokes that you’re all going to converge on the same date and place to join us! I doubt it! Our friends Lois and John have expressed interest in meeting us Denali in June. Hope they can make it!  Maybe you would like to visit one of the locations where we’ll be?

Denali - Copyright © Timm and Theresa Martin

67 Parks and 17,000 miles

Timm is the master route planner for our trip. Check out the list he made of the 67 parks along our route that we think we’ll stop in. These parks are a combination of national parks, state parks, state forests and national monuments. In addition, he’s started a photo tour blog for the trip, National Park Explorers at, which will serve as the official site that will have more mass appeal for people we don’t know.

Here, we’ll post personal observations on the beauty of the parks and trails or our experiences with the flora and fauna. Maybe we’ll see a bear or two or a snake, both hopefully from a bit of a distance!

“Not all who wander are lost.” — Phrase on Timm’s Life is Good T-shirt

The People category and section is where we’ll discuss the people we meet on our journey. I can’t wait to learn about all types of people from different parts of the country and the world, all joined together by the desire to explore and wander.

Copyright © Life Is Good

Green Energy Research

In the Green Energy category and section of the blog, I’ll write about my experiences exploring green energy companies while on our trip. I will be visiting wind, solar and geothermal plants along the route. California alone has over 50% of the renewable energy in the United States. With the most aggressive legislative support of any state, California mandated that 1/3 of all energy come from renewable sources by the end of 2020. This is a growing business, especially out west and one that truly interests me!

Sourced from - Copyright © Carrington College's Renewable Energy Degree Program

Songs that Touch the Soul

Here’s my “RV Trip Music” list, each song inspiring our journey in a different way. There’s a bit of everything, new age, pop, blue grass, rock, old and new artists. All are available on iTunes except Into the Wild by LP, which can be downloaded for free.